Tipi stabilizer kit


☆ NunuNu Teepee Stabilizer is MUST HAVE product – will make your teepee more stable during active play

☆ Our teepee tent stabilizer spreads the poles of your Tipi out, makes it more secure and stable.

☆ After you install our stabilizer kit, you’ll notice that each teepee pole is forced outward and is harder for kids to push out of position.

★★★Worth to remember:
☆ NunuNu Tipi stabilizer is made of durable hardwood cones and sturdy steel hardware – The hardwood cones are designed to match the poles on your tent and blend right in, preserving the look of your tent.

☆ Fully threaded bolt gives more room for adjustment – Unlike some kits, our anti-collapse tipi set can screw all the way in, making it easier to tighten onto a variety of similar Tipis.

☆ This Stabilizer is designed for the NunuNu`s Tipis as well as most Tipis on the market.

☆ Poles are held in place and tipi won`t collapse on small children