Tipi stabilizer kit


Extra reinforcement
Our stabilizer spreads the poles of the Teepee structure out, making it even more stable, and safe. Correct assembly prevents accidental pushing or shifting of the tent’s walls during a cheerful play.

Suitable for Teepees
The quality and looks of the stabilizer (durable hardwood and steel) are perfectly combined with your Teepee’s style. It fits all Nu Teepees as well as a variety of similar tents. In addition, the adjustable screw allows for even more effective stabilization of Teepees in various sizes and designs.

Correct assembly:
1. Unscrew the upper part of the stabilizer (the one without the nut).
2. Pass the lower part with the screw between the Teepee poles, just near a connecting string.
3. Join the two parts together by tightening the screw sufficiently. The stabilizer should fit between the poles without noticeable slack.