Foam toy set


Fun has a great dimension! What could be better than developing a child's motor coordination and imagination while playing? That's it! Now you can create a playground in your own home! Our foam blocks not only stimulate children's imagination, but also teach creative thinking. The five-element set of modules can be used for fun, as well as for exercises, to create obstacle courses or spatial structures. Individual elements can be used as poufs or seats. The simple and minimalist design of this product makes it perfectly fit into the space of the house. The anti-allergic polyurethane foam that was used for the production of the set is characterized by low grammage and high resistance to deformation, which makes the product safe for the child and at the same time extremely practical. Individual blocks are characterized by lightness, so they can be easily moved to other places. All elements of the set have a removable cover, which makes it easier to wash in the washing machine and keep the obstacle course clean. The set includes a mini-pool filled with multi-colored balls, the colors of which can be selected from a wide range of colors, according to your preferences. A foam play set is an excellent element of equipment for nurseries, kindergartens, playgrounds but, above all, due to the extremely pleasant to the touch cover – also children's rooms. The product is intended for children aged 1-3 years, for use only under the supervision of an adult. Specification of the foam play set: – The set consists of five elements: 4 elements of foam and a pool with balls (the pool includes balls in the set – 100pcs) – Material: cotton knitwear 95% cotton / 5% elastane – the covers have a zipper to be able to remove them from the foam and wash them, so you can easily keep the obstacle course clean. – Filling: polyurethane foam – certified Dimensions: – All elements have: 50cm (length) x 45 cm (width) x 30cm (height) – Total dimension when unfolded is up to 260 cm (after length) – dry pool: 61cm x 44 cm x 30 cm + 100pcs balls – non-slip bottom so that the elements do not move apart